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Our Team


Dr. Kayla Calhoun


Dr. Kayla grew up in Urbandale, Iowa and attended Iowa State University for her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Health. She went on to earn her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Dr. Kayla uses a diversified approach to chiropractic care and emphasizes soft tissue therapy and exercise rehabilitation as part of her treatment plans. She believes in a patient-centered and creative approach to chiropractic care. In addition to manual adjusting, Dr. Kayla is also trained in various techniques designed for a more gentle approach to chiropractic care, including instrument-assisted adjusting. 


Lana Angulo, LMT

Massage Therapist

Lana received her education from the Oregon School of Massage, graduating in 2017. Within the scope of body work, Lana is passionate about functional human movement, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation. She enjoys connecting her patients to themselves through deep breathing exercises, joint range of motion, myofascial restrictions, and patient education. 

She offers Swedish massage with an emphasis in the Berry Method. Berry Method uses the idea that our muscles, bones, and connective tissues are a brilliant system of pulleys and levers that can be treated for restriction and put back into balance. Treatment with Lana may begin with therapeutic assessment, followed by manual muscular manipulation and movement of soft tissues.


Lexi Karge-Moritz

Front Desk / Office Manager

Lexi has lived in Oregon her whole life. She loves animals, especially Dr. Kayla's little helper, Max. She currently has 2 little dwarf hamsters, named Pebble and Newt. Her hobbies include drawing, crocheting and going on an adventure!



Office Dog / Greeting Committee

Max is a Corgi/Australian Shephard Mix. He loves fetch, treats, and especially his older sister Penny! Max provides top-notch office dog services including enthusiastic greeting, tail wags, and self-appointed therapy dog skills.

Our Team: Our Team
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